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If you are struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-confidence or a difficult life transition, Oasis Counseling Services provides compassionate, professional counseling and teletherapy services. The best researched-based therapy techniques are utilized to help you achieve quicker relief from distressing symptoms while producing longer, positive change. Recovery is possible!

Treatment Approach

Considering that no two people are the same, Oasis Counseling Services uses tools from various schools of therapy to tailor therapy techniques to your specific needs. These techniques include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), Mindfulness-Based Therapy (MBT) and Hypnotherapy. Which techniques utilized depend on the therapeutic issues a person presents with.

Several components differentiate CBT, SFT and MBT from more traditional talk-therapy:

Present-focus: Instead of focusing on the past, current problems are the main target of treatment.

Emphasis on strengths, not weaknesses: Traditional talk therapy views change as a process in which someone’s issues are viewed and treated from a negative perspective in order to improve them. Alternatively, CBT, SFT and MBT recognize that everyone has a mix of strengths and weaknesses.

Goal oriented: The aim of Solution-Focused Therapy is to help people identify small, achievable steps toward their goals, and provide support through completing these steps, one step at a time.

Traditional Counseling & Teletherapy Compared

Due to the continued improvements in video conferencing technologies, as well as the numerous benefits these technologies provide, more therapists are incorporating virtual counseling services into their practices. Not surprisingly then, teletherapy provides a range of benefits in comparison with traditional therapy. In fact, most research suggests that teletherapy works just as well as in-person counseling.

There are several benefits of engaging in evidence-based teletherapy with a licensed therapist. One of the greatest advantages of teletherapy is increased accessibility to counseling services for all clients.

Better public health is a second major benefit of telehealth services. The COVID-19 health crisis demonstrates that engaging in professional teletherapy services at home can slow the spread of illness and protect vulnerable populations.

Third, teletherapy is convenient. It has been especially convenient for individuals observing the stay-at-home orders for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lower costs are a fourth major benefit of remote counseling. Teletherapy helps clients save money on treatment since they do not have to travel to in-person counseling sessions or pay for child care.

A final benefit of online therapy is increased privacy. People who choose teletherapy do not have to sit in busy waiting rooms but can instead have their therapy sessions in the privacy of their own homes or wherever they feel comfortable.


Professional Teletherapy Services

Professional Teletherapy Services

Effective, convenient and secure online therapy with a Licensed Professional Counselor via phone or video.

Professional Counseling Services

Practical, solution-focused therapy to help with anxiety, depression & more.

Stress Management

Whether your source of stress is a life transition, work or a relationship, professional counseling can help.

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Help from a Licensed Professional Counselor for a variety of issues.

Help from a Licensed Professional Counselor for a variety of issues.

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