Credentials & Background

If you are looking to find a therapist for anxiety, depression & more, Anthony is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of direct clinical experience. He has worked in all therapeutic settings, ranging from inpatient hospitalization treatment to outpatient care. Since 2012, Anthony has worked exclusively in the area of private practice providing outpatient therapy services.

Counseling Specializations

Therapeutic specializations include anxiety, stress management, depression, life transitions, work/life balance, self-confidence and communication issues, among others. Anthony works primarily with adults in individual therapy.

Anthony S. Dillon, LCPC, CHt
Anthony S. Dillon, LCPC, CHt
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Certified Hypnotherapist

Often people find a therapist when they feel like they’ve reached “the end of their rope.” Others may simply seek therapy as an opportunity for personal growth. Whatever your situation in life, I take a collaborative approach in helping my clients. This means you and I work as a team toward reaching your treatment goals we set together.

My style is casual, engaging, solution-focused and approachable. I encourage positive change in a kind manner yet can also be very direct when necessary. My goal is to be fully present with you while creating an inviting and safe place where you can break through your personal barriers and leave feeling empowered and optimistic about your future.

I founded Oasis Counseling Services to provide people with the best-researched, most effective therapy techniques in order to help them improve as quickly as possible and find relief from anxiety, depression, stress, intrusive thoughts and lack of self-confidence. When working with me, you are guided towards mindful, intentional living and healthy thought processes.

Professional Counselor for Anxiety & Depression

Get professional therapy for anxiety, depression & more from a licensed therapist. Teletherapy (phone and video therapy) options are available for your convenience.


Professional counseling using the best therapy techniques

Professional counseling using the best therapy techniques

Get effective help for personally distressing issues from a Licensed Professional Counselor. Online therapy options available.